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Our Company

Our Company

IFG is a boutique-wealth management firm with a group of team oriented financial professionals. We believe in a holistic financial planning which combines Insurance Planning and Investment Strategy to help clients create streams of retirement income so that they are prepared for the retirement years. In simple terms, we help clients create and build their own self-made pensions, so they have consistent income during retirement. Providing comprehensive and personal service sets us apart in our industry. For each of our clients, we strive to create financial stability and security, which leads to financial independence and peace of mind.

Our Commitment

Financial freedom is the ability to recreate your working income so you no longer have to go to work. We don’t measure features, benefits, returns, etc. These are always changing and moving targets. We make decisions on strategy to reach the goal of financial freedom, not features. Whether you are starting on your journey or have been saving for years, we are confident we can help improve your efficiency and are committed to helping you reach your goal of being financially free.

Our Mission

Positioning our clients to make intentional & educated financial decisions during their working years, so they are well positioned to enjoy financial freedom, security, and predictability during their non-working years.

Our Vision

IFG was founded by Ryan Coiner who previously represented other Fortune 100 companies. It is his belief that many other companies are focused more on product sales than on planning. He founded IFG with the goal to provide Integrity in doing planning, which serves the client first rather than the companies desired sales goals. When you work with IFG, you are not working with an individual advisor, but with a firm that is based on a team work approach. Multiple people are working on the plans together bringing their strengths and experience to the plan. This provides a more well-rounded plan for the client. The plans are written and reviewed by the on-staff CFP® professional. We look to develop long-standing relationships with our clients that deliver continuous solutions in this ever-changing economy.